Authors Advancing Awesome


Aug 11-12 - Hannah Sullivan's Thunder is FREE

Aug 14-15 Andrea Domanski's Crossfire is FREE

Aug 15-16 Reagan, the third in Jacky Gray's Hengist series, is re-released and FREE



Sept 23-24 Rowanna Green's Death Wishes is FREE

Sept 29  Thomas and Mercer re-release S.M. Freedman’s  The Faithful in Kindle, Paperback and Audiobook

Fall ‘15   Hannah’s Thunder available as Audiobook



July 2-3- The Kindle version of S.M. Freedman's The Faithful is  FREE

July 7-8 Hannah Sullivan's memoir  Five Weeks: a Lifetime is FREE

July 11- Jacky Gray re-releases Rory (Hengist #2) for $0.99

July 24-25 - JD Faulkner's Mirrored Time (Time Archivist #1) is FREE

June 27th  – Ro Green releases Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing in paperback 
June 26th-27th   Ro Green’s Fox Among Wolves (Hostage #1) is FREE
June 13th-14th   Jacky Gray’s Slater (Hengist #4) is FREE

May 29th-30th  Andrea Domanski's  Rogue(Omega #2) was FREE
May 29th – Hannah’s debut reading her book Thunder to an audience.

May 26th – SM Freedman  discusses The Faithful at a book club in Canada

May 22nd – Ro Green released the first Hostage book in paperback 
May 19th-20th  Hannah’s Five Weeks  was FREE
May 13th  Andrea Domanski released  Omega box set at only $5.99

May 12th-15th  Hannah’s Thunder (Thunder Stories #1) was only $0.99
May 9th  Andrea Domanski released Pandora (Omega #3)
May 1st  Jacky Gray re-released Archer  (Hengist #1) at only $0.99

April 21st – Hannah Sullivan releases Five weeks: A lifetime

April 1st – Ro Green releases Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (Hostage #2)