Authors Advancing Awesome

Once upon a time, high up in glorious stone towers, were locked six fair scribes. They delighted in creating brilliant works of word art. They were swaddled in the beauty of their words, safe within their stories, and blissfully unaware of the dragons, goblins and flesh eating trolls awaiting them in the lower lands.

In time, it came to pass that these fair scribes turned to the final page of their masterpieces, and inked those fated words: The End. And the dragons blew their fiery breath and the goblins cackled their evil laughs and the trolls gnashed their ferocious teeth ... and they waited for the fair scribes to descend from their towers.

Descend they did, only to discover that The End was merely The Beginning, and the battle had just begun. As the magic veil fell from their eyes, they beheld the truth: their tales were excessively wordy, occasionally verbose, full of grammatical infractions, moments of uninspired plot, and poorly developed characters. The fair scribes went in search of help. But the way was treacherous, the Dragon's fiery breath awaited them in the form of beta readers who shared little wisdom, editors who sought to possess the entirety of their fortunes, and a vast and empty land known as HelpTheeNot. 

Yet these fair scribes were tenacious, and they unleashed their mighty swords upon their bloated pages, and in time a work of worth was born. But new foes rose out of the mist: Formatting, the goblin bent on destroying their sanity, and the flesh eating troll known as Marketing. 

It seemed all was lost, until one of the solitary scribes was given a vision: Alone, they were lost, but as one, they could vanquish all. The WorldWiseWriters was born, and all foes fell before their mighty swords.

And they all lived happily ever after ...

The End. 

No. The Beginning.

S.M. Freedman